Q. Why do I receive a text notification message on my phone instead of the picture message itself?

A. This could be the result of two scenarios; firstly you don't have a handset capable of receiving picture messages or secondly, you may not be provisioned correctly to receive such messages. If it is the case that your handset is picture message capable, either call into you local Vodafone shop or simply call Customer Care. NOTE: Receiving a picture message is only possible on picture message capable handsets.

Q. How can I retrieve my picture message?

A. Within the text message you received both an internet link and an associated password. Please use your own mobile number as well as this password to log in.

Q. How can I request a new password or how do I know if I have lost it or forgot it?

A. In order to request a new or existing password please click on the link below the ’Password’ text box on login page and follow the instructions and we will send you a new or the existing password in SMS.

Q. How often can I request a password to retrieve my picture message when I've lost it?

A. You can request your password to retrieve your picture message up to 3 times a day if you've lost it.

Q. If I wish to request a new password which is different to my current password, how many times can I do this?

A. You may request a new password once a week or fifty-two times per year.

Q. What happens I type wrong password 3 times?

A. For security reason, the system disables the possibility to login for 24 hours.

Q. Does it cost anything to view the picture at the website?

A. No there is no extra charge for accessing and viewing pictures at the website.

Q. After how many days will the picture expire?

A. Your picture message will be accessible for a maximum of 30 days.

Q. Can I send a picture message to an email address?

A. Yes with Vodafone you can send all your best pics, long text and video up to 300 kb to absolutely anyone in the world with an email address. And what's more, they can reply straight back via email to your phone for free. For more detailed information please check http://www.vodafone.hu/szolgaltatasok/uzenetkezeles/mms_emailre.html

Q. Can they reply to the message?

A. Yes the recipient is able to reply to the message (once in total) by just using the "reply" "forward" button.

Q. If I want to reply to a picture message to an email address can I attach new text/images/sounds/videos?

A. Yes when you want to reply to a message you are able to attach new text/pictures/sound/video to your message in the on-line composer on WEB.

Q. Does it cost anything for this person to reply back to me?

A. No to reply back is free, however, they will only be able to reply once.

Q. How many addresses can I add at once?

A. Depending on the handset the maximum number of addressees for the message is 5.

Q. What is the maximum message size of the message I am able to send?

A. The maximum message size is 300 kbyte.